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If you are new to Jordan Temple Bible Church of God or a first time visitor we welcome you. We hope this page is helpful and informative.
Directions and parking: Jordan Temple Bible Church of God is located at 75 Jordan Temple Lane, Lillington,  NC 27546.

Sunday Service: Sunday School is available for both children and adults and begins at 9:45am.  Sunday service begins promptly at 11:15am.  

Worship Service: Upon entering the sanctuary you will be greeted by the ushers who will provide you with a program of the services and announcements for the week. Services at Jordan Temple Bible Church of God have a contemporary feel with an emphasis on modern Christian worship music and Bible based teaching applicable to everyday Christian life.  Dress is casual and the atmosphere is relaxed and joyful.

A typical worship service will begin with a congregational song, opening prayer, and scriptural reading. This is followed by the Praise Team, announcements, and an offering. Our Pastor Sarah Campbell brings forth an Inspirational Word, which is followed by the altar prayer and invitation to accept Christ. We have a closing song and prayer, the congregation then greets each other in Christian love.

What to expect?

Jordan Temple Bible Church of God is made up of genuine people that are working together to further God’s kingdom. While visiting Jordan Temple Bible Church of God you will be welcomed to experience God’s presence, purpose and power. Jordan Temple Bible Church of God members believe in what we stand for. We worship from our hearts and anticipate the message from week to week. Jordan Temple Bible Church of God is a working body that serves, fellowships, and grows through Christ. Everyone is welcome regardless of your pasts. You will be challenged and encouraged to advance your personal relationship with Christ. Pastor Sarah Campbell speaks on Biblical truths. The message will be delivered in a way that can be applied to living in today’s culture.

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