How Jordan Temple Got Its Name

Have you ever experienced a “calling’ from God of Instructions from God? The first pastor of Jordan Temple, Margaret McCormick listed this as one of many things she experienced during her walk with God. The naming of Jordan Temple was “God Inspired”. When the questioned how the church name came into existence, Pastor McCormick immediately indicated that “the Lord gave it to me.” Just as Joshua was presented with Jordan River. It is our belief that Pastor McCormick was given a similar task to lead a group of people to the Lord by the establishment of the church.

Spiritually speaking, Jordan is a place of memory and meaning, a permanent place after a period of wandering; it’s a Spiritual turning point which represents growth and encouragement. Historically, for each pastor who served as a leader at the church, various transitions occurred. Both members and pastors embraced the Spiritual journey with faith, believing that God would continue to instruct their paths. For decades, membership and leadership have embraced the fact that God continues to lead/guide with His All SEEING EYE. The belief is cemented in the lives of the people despite challenges or obstacles. The belief is resolute due to the transitions that occurred in the life of Jesus. Each transition of Jordan Temple has assisted in developing a ready people to encourage others to come to Christ.

In closing , from its inception Jordan Temple, with God’s grace and anointing, has fertilized and helped to grow many souls to Christ. Therefore, the future is seen through lenses of anticipation. Despite that work is required of our hands within the church; the focus is on the yielding of souls that are yet to come. For the saving of souls, we embrace the fact that “Your Harvest is Greater Than Your Seed”.