Jordan Temple Bible Church of God

It is not by accident nor coincidence that you are visiting this site. It is our belief that God in his divine wisdom has orchestrated you to this site for the sole purpose of giving you powerful, soul searching and transformational message. As you browse this site, it is our prayer that you will be enticed by the Holy Spirit to come and be a part our services.

Come join us in one of our services where we are experiencing the three”P”… God’s Presence, His Purpose and His Transforming Power. We are being equipped with a faith that will sustain in this last hour and propel us forward to our destiny.

The Praise Teams are ushering in the presence of God, the choirs are singing the songs of Zion, the congregation is testifying to the wondrous working power of God. The preachers are preaching the unadulterated Word of God, there by raising your faith levels to a new height. Each Sunday is a positive, uplifting, new and incredible experience.

Come with open hearts and minds to share in the experience!!! We are awaiting your arrival!

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